Vue.js 3: The Composition API

An advanced course on Vue.js 3, the Composition API, TypeScript and Testing.

What is this?

This is a course on Vue.js 3, focused on the Composition API and TypeScript.

Although no Vue.js knowledge is assumed, we move fast, building out a blogging application like Reddit. Check out the final app here.

Testing is a first class citizen; you'll learn the latest version of Vue Test Utils from its author, and writing tests for everything.

We use the follow technologies:

Who is this for?

How do I get it?

You can buy it from me directly via Gumroad. Use VUEJS-COURSES to get $10 off at the checkout! Alternatively, you can buy it on Udemy.

Two ways. You can buy it on Udemy,

Gumroad will let you download all the content in one shot, in glorious 1080p.

Is there a preview?

You can preview the content on Udemy or get the source code here.

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Section 1: Composition API and Testing Basics

  • Prerequesite Knowledge and Housekeeping
  • Creating the Timeline Component
  • Our First Test
  • Reactive Updates using ref
  • Synchronous Tests, Asynchronous Vue
  • Getting Started with TDD
  • Filtering Posts with Computed
  • Refactoring with Confidence

Section 2: Suspense and Building a Flux Store

  • Load States with Suspense
  • Data Structures and Designing Flux Store
  • Loading Posts with Axios
  • The useStore hook
  • Mocking the Backend
  • Routing with Vue Router
  • Updating the tests

Section 3: Vue Router, Creating Posts with Markdown and Syntax Highlighting

  • The New Post Route and Page
  • Defining the Post Writer
  • Template Refs and Content Editable
  • Rendering Markdown
  • Markdown to HTML with Marked
  • Syntax Highlighting and Performance Improvements
  • Emitting a Submit Event
  • Testing the Post Writer

Section 4: User Sign Up, Validation and Reuseble Components

  • Adding a Post to the Store
  • The useModal Composable
  • Custom Form Input with v-model
  • Framework Agnostic Validation
  • Creating the Signup Form
  • Form Validation and Submission
  • Better Plugins with Provide and Inject
  • Mocking Modules with Jest

Section 5: Edit Posts, Authentication and Authorization

  • Intro to Authentication and Authorization
  • Adding Users to the Store
  • Dynamic Components
  • Optimizing with markRaw
  • Vue Router Navigation Guards
  • Accessing the Route with useParams
  • Setting up the Edit Post Page
  • Fixing Two Subtle Bugs
  • Conditional Edit Button
  • Testing the Post Authentication and Authorization

Section 6: Edit Posts, Authentication and Authorization

  • Styling the Show Post Page
  • Editing Posts
  • Testing in Isolation
  • Tests and Stub Components
  • Deploying to Production and Next Steps

About the author

Hi there! I'm Lachlan, Vue.js team member and quality software enthusiast.

I have taught tens of thousands of developers how to write testable JavaScript applications through my courses, books and YouTube channel. I hope you will be next!

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