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Courses and books on Vue.js, from the Options API to the Composition API, Vuex and Vue Router.

Complete Vue.js 3

Beginner Course

Learn from "Hello, Vue!" to building large apps with Vuex and Vue Router. A fast introduction to Vue.js 3 and it's ecosystem.

  • Options API
  • Composition API
  • Vuex
  • Vue Router

The course has 8 sections:

๐Ÿงช Four fundamentals modules. You'll learn how to use the Options API, Composition API, Vuex and Vue Router, the best practices and idioms associated with them.

๐Ÿ‘ทโ€โ™€๏ธ Four project modules. Use the skills from the fundamentals modules in real projects, to solidify your understanding of Vue.js.

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Vue.js: The Composition API

Advanced Course

Learn Vue.js 3 and the new Composition API, TypeScript, and Unit Testing by building a social blogging app, complete with code block, syntax highlighting, users and a post timeline.

  • Composition API
  • TypeScript
  • Testing with Vue Test Utils

โšก๏ธ Right from the get-go we are using single file components, TypeScript and the new Composition API to build a fairly complex social blogging application.

๐Ÿ‘‰ It has with a real time markdown to html editor, a custom flux store built using Vue.js 3's new reactivity system, and advanced routing with Vue Router.

๐Ÿ”ฌ Each section ends with adding tests to ensure everything works correctly.

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Design Patterns for Vue.js

Intermediate Book

A book on design patterns to help your Vue applications stay modular, maintainable and bug-free.

  • Renderless components for maximum reusability
  • Separation of concerns
  • Functional programming

Vue.js is a great framework - you find yourself building better applications, faster than ever. With the Composition API and TypeScript, you're now feeling unstoppable...

...over time, velocity slows. Business requirements change. The line between business logic and the your UI components begins to blur.

Design patterns for Vue.js will arm you with the tools, patterns and concepts to build complex, scalable and testable applications.

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