What is Vue.js Courses?

Vue.js Courses is a website focused on providing intermediate to advanced educational content, primarily related to Vue.js and the surrouding ecosystem. The goal is to provide content not commonly covered in introduction courses, such as unit testing, tooling (Webpack, TypeScript) and design patterns.


All the content is currently produced by Lachlan Miller. He has been working with web technologies and contributing to the Vue.js ecosystem since 2015, primarily through his blog, his Vue Testing Handbook and as a maintainer of Vue Test Utils.


If you have any questions about Vue.js Course, the content, or just want to chat about Vue.js and development in general, you can reach Lachlan at lachlan@vuejs-course.com. You can also find him on Twitter @Lachlan19900.

Privacy Policy

I respect your privacy and as such this website does not collect or track you in any way what-so-ever. No Google Analytics, no Facebook pixel, no bullshit. Just some HTML documents. What's not to like!

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